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We believe that nothing can replace the human

In the digital age, CousuMain has developed a human relationship service between traveler and host.

CousuMain, since 2014, has more than thirty rental properties on its site and on the 2.0 seasonal rental platforms partners to optimize. But it is also a range of services for your second home or your vacation rental. We are your logistics relay in order to bring you maximum comfort.

Do you own one or more houses, apartments or villas and wish to lend it to family members, friends or other guests? Do you want to put your property in seasonal rental to ensure rental income on a regular basis? Each villa is unique, which is why we adapt the posting of our new ads according to their age, popularity, and existing booking rate. We adjust the prices every month according to the requests to optimize the filling of your villa.

You need the stewardship and monitoring of your house on the ground (works etc.), the restarting of spring or all the maintenance necessary for your villa via our partner network, CousuMain plays your role of informed owner and assists you in your steps. Less stress, choose confidence! 100% of the owners present in 2018 trust us in 2019.

Are you a tenant and would you like specific services during your stay? CousuMain will take care of doing the maximum to satisfy you. We provide for future tenants a range of benefits and services to facilitate your stay.

If you want to join our network of partner companies, contact us

We organize your tailor-made transfer from your place of residence to the airport or train station and vice versa.

We put at your disposal (via our partner) various vehicles (classic, minivan, luxury) for your transfers.

We also offer (by reservation only)

Breakfasts, lunches & evening dinners, with the same requirement for 2 to 8 guests, creating in the image of each of the guests a “hand-stitched” meal by combining colours, materials and flavours with harmony according to their tastes and diets.

A la carte services:

Private Chef : (Base of 2 to 8 clients, to be adjusted according to the number of guests)

  • Breakfast / Brunch, Lunches, Snacks & Dinner Parties
  • Daily purchases of products and management of each of the expenses
  • Menus to be determined with the customers, according to the tastes and particular diets of each one realizing “a kitchen to measure”.
  • Preparation of meals
  • Cleaning and storage of the dishes and the kitchen

Room service: (Based on 2 to 8 guests, to be adjusted according to the number of guests)

  • Checking the dishes and cutlery to be used (according to the desired dishes)
  • Table setting and buffet
  • I would do a French, English or Russian service with or without protocol.
  • Table clearing and buffet
  • Suggestions and quotes included
  • Social charges included
  • Travel expenses to make their purchases, are charged to the customers.

Daily Fees:


*Cooking orders *Daily purchases

*Breakfast / Brunch           *Room service with or without protocol

* Breakfasts                          * Morning shopping for pastries, newspapers

*Snacks                                 *Expenditure reporting

*Dinner evenings                *Customer discretion